July 2006

:: Autosalon 2006 Wrap-Up

The Autosalon 2006 show held at the Perth Convention Centre turned out to be the best show yet… although there weren’t as many cars compared to last year there definitely was a higher quality on show. The Japanese Import Tuner scene has definitely taken off in a big way especially after movies like Fast N The Furious have hit the big screens. Not only are car enthusiasts trying to squeeze out every Kilo Watt of power out of their engines, but they’re also raising the bar in the glamour scene. Air bag suspensions, custom boot installs and eye dazzling paint jobs were just  a few things that were on show.

Autosalon 2006

On the main stage New Zealand Hip Hop star Savage tore up the mic with Aussie rappers Ken and Weapon X performing his hits Stop Drop and Roll, Moonshine & Locked Up. Away from the main stage the Dyno challenge saw many cars push their engines to the limit with one R32 GTR (‘ND4SPEED’) pushing a mind blowing 881Hp at the wheels! 

Autosalon 2006

Over two days thousands of car enthusiasts made their way though the Perth Convention Centre, whether they were just there to admire the cars… or looking for their next inspiration… one thing for sure is that the Japanese Tuner scene is definitely on the rise down under!

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:: Autosalon 2006 Preparation

After 2 weeks of constantly putting my car in and out of workshops my Skyline is finally ready for Autosalon 2006!! Jamal from Current Trendz had ripped off the old tribal design, put on the new design and redid the tint on the windows.

Initially the charcoal vinyl was meant to be a candy red, but they don’t stock the colour that I was after anymore. They sent out a red vinyl with a pink glitter through it… I thought it looked good until I took it out into the sun… it turned PINK so I decided against using that colour!! Instead I stuck with the charcoal grey to tie in the theme with the Rays Engineering Volk Racing rims.

I’ve spent the whole week detailing the inside and outside of the car… but not having a garage to store it in made things hard. The ignition system had a relay switch integrated so you can turn on the sound system without having the keys in the car. *safety precaution for the show*

This young grasshopper has definitely had enough of the “wax on… wax off” experience getting the car ready for the show…


Autosalon 2006


Autosalon 2006


Autosalon 2006


This years Autosalon should prove to be bigger and better! Judging by the reports from the east coast tour, many dyno records have been smashed, the show n shine displays are turning up the heat and who could forget the sexy ladies…

Check out my Skyline R34 on display on the Perth Tour 29-30th of July 2006…

For more info check out www.autosalon.org

:: The Swan Bell Tower


The Swan Bell Tower - Photograph By Sajith Gunawardena 

Today was such a nice day that I decided I would go out and do some photography. Perth hasn’t got any large scale attractions so today I decided to take some photos of the Swan Bell Tower. The Bell Tower to most Perthians is just… a tower with bells in it… I personally haven’t visited the inside of the tower, but from the outside it is quite an architectural marvel. The tower is an abstract form of a ship with large copper sails wrapping the entire buillding and the tower forming the main mast.

Commemorating Australia’s bicentenary in 1988, the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields as well as five specially cast bells were presented to the University of Western Australia, the City of Perth and to the people of Western Australia. These bells are housed in the tower and on special occasions the City echoes with the musical chiming of the bells…

Feel free to check out the Landscapes gallery to see the rest of my photos of the Swan Bell Tower… as always your feedback is appreciated! :)

:: Saj & Tash’s Engagement Party


Engagement Party


Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate our engagement party with us. Both Tash & I were so happy to be able to spend time with our closest family and friends. Even those who weren’t able to be there sent their regards through emails and flowers (Thanks Poe, Christine and Brendon). I hope you all enjoyed the food… and once again thank you so much to those people who helped out on the night.

I had a really good time on the night and by the end of it all I was knackered!… I think the doggies were as well! Who would’ve thought a 2kg long haired Chihuahua would steal the spotlight! ahaha I don’t think there were any complaints from little Jasmin as she was passed from lap to lap throughout the night… They were so knackered that they slept in all morning and through most of the day…

Finally, I would like to thank you everyone for all the gifts… you were all so generous… We just wanted you guys to be there and to have a good time! Please check out the photo gallery and feel free to leave some comments! 

We hope you can all make it to the wedding…keep 30th of December 2006 free!

:: SAUWA Skyline Cruise Night

SAUWA Skyline Cruise 

This was my first SAUWA Skyline Cruise Night so I was a bit unsure of what it would be like. The crew met up at City West in the underground car park. I was amazed at how many cars were there! I’d say that there was at least 50 or so (probably more). A few non Skyline car owners came down as well which included some WRX’s, FTO’s and 300z’s.

Being my first time to a cruise like this I was really suprised how friendly everyone was. Everyone walked around introducing themselves and off course had conversations and shared their passion for the cars around them. The maps were handed out on arrival to minimize the risk of cops showing up along the way… having said that a few peeps got pulled over just after leaving the first carpark! Propz goes out to Dan the Man for organising the route and the event… I definitely will be checking out the next cruise!

I took a few photos that night, but cos it was so dark alot didn’t turn out too well. Check out the gallery and feel free to leave some comments! 

:: Wedding Stuff

I cannot believe how quick time flies by these days… This year is a big year for both of us, as some of you may already know that we are planning to skooch overseas next year to see and experience new things while we’re still young and have little commitments. To top it off, the wedding of course… Which is all VERY exciting however, there are alot of work involved. There are so many of our friends that are getting married toward the end of this year and even next year. Y’all know how involving it can be..?! There is the venue, photographer, videographer, limo, florist, stationeries and the list goes on and on…

Let’s not forget the endless options!!! At the end of the day… you just have to put your foot down and decide because you can just keep on looking… the more you look the more confusing it gets. Having said all this, I think we’re pretty organised. I have found my dress… YAY! I was never the kind of girl who had a desire or ever dreamed of one day walking down the aisle and getting married. So when I was trying on my first dress and looking at myself in the mirror I shocked myself!! I almost fell off the platform. I was like… “who is this girl??” And then, for the very first time… a veil was put on my head.

I think that it’s just starting to sink in that I am getting married in just a few months.. :) It’s great..! I won’t lie to you.. I really enjoy trying on different dresses, but then I found MY dress and I had to stop trying and move on with other things.. 😛

We’re trying to get the big things like photographer and venue- things like that out of the way… But the thing that I enjoy doing the most is the pettiest like creating our guess book. With my very limited talent, I tried to be artistic as I can be, I somehow use my scrapbooking skills that I have learnt from doing art in Highschool to create the master piece… well, at least I think so… ha! I like the idea of having personal touch and ultimately it will mean alot to us. I enjoy doing it soo much that I’ve started making a scrapbook for my dogs..:)


As ecstatic as we are for the wedding, it can be so stressful at times because you only have so much on your plate and trying to juggle everything is not so easy, but I know that in the end it’ll be worth it… Hanging out with Saj and my lovely bridesmaids are heaps of fun too… Any excuse to have a girlie day out right…? ahaha without Saj even though he’d probably enjoy it!  

We have set the wedding date, yup that’s right… it will  be on 30th December (as some of you may already know). Since we are leaving the country afterwards it will be such mixed feelings for me and I’m treasuring every moment I have at present with my friends, work and families for it isn’t long till I say goodbye to Perth…

…in which I always call home…

Engagement Party

We’re having our engagement party on the 15th of July 2006. Invites will be posted soon!

:: Google Is Your Best Friend


Google: a popular search engine, is a tool for finding resources on the World Wide Web. Google scans web pages to find instances of the keywords you have entered in the search box.

Just out of curiosity a work colleague of mine wanted to find out what country my name originated from so he typed “Sajith Gunawardena” into google.com. Low and behold my website came up as the number one listing for that search criteria… Either I’m really lucky to get the #1 spot or there aren’t many Sajith’s that have websites!!! I found out that the listing is generated by the amount of traffic your site gets… the more traffic, the higher the listing. So keep coming back to check out the  our updates! :)

In this day and age the information super highway has so much information that when you’re searching for something it is hard to know where to start. The next problem with having so much information at your fingertips is knowing how current and credible the information is. Google’s search engine spiders help categorize keywords using text-matching techniques that are very accurate. The end result is concise search results provided to you in a simple manner.

Proof that Google is really your best friend….