November 2006

::Bye Bye Work…

It has been almost 2 weeks since I completed my last day of work and already I’m wishing that I was back doing what I do best – working, which means talking..! To a lot of people about travel and ultimately selling the products. I miss work, I thought I’d be glad that I finally can concentrate on organising our move and the wedding etc.. but who am I kidding? I hate packing!! I’d rather work and earn dollars, make fun of customers and each other at work (Is that sad by the way?).Nevertheless, I know I made the right decision because boy.. do I have ALOT of stuff and about 40% of them will go to either Good Sammy’s or the bin. Anyway, my point is that not many people like their jobs let alone love it. Well, I was one of the very few people that actually loved my job. I was blessed to have found a job where not only I was passionate about it but also loving the people that I work with. What can I say? I had the best team in the whole of WA. I realised that the amount of time that I spent with them was more than what I get to spend with my family/friends (coz we are all a freaky bunch of workaholics :P).

We are all so different in a way but yet we accept and embrace each others’ differences (or make jokes of it). It is nice to be part of something that you could truly be yourself and not afraid of being judged. I had a great time working with each and everyone of you and thank you for the love and friendship that you have given me, I have learnt so much about work skills and life for the time that I had with you.

Although we may not be able to stay together forever, no matter where I or each of you will be, I know that you guys will always be my friends for life. In the mean time, let’s rewind of the good times we shared together :)

Blue Day Promotion

  shen, tash, steve


 STA Go Karting Day

Party Time @ The Grapeskin Bar


Our Down South Weekend


Shorties Birthday

tash and toddles

My Last Day At Work

 nice work guys

There are many more pictures that I want to put up but I don’t think there’s enough space.. I just want to say that I love you guys alot and see you all at my wedding.. (might see you at the christmas party:P). Until then, here is for the good times xx  

:: Little Ceasars Pizza

Having a tight crew at work is fun… especially when we decided that we should have IT dinners every month. It’s good to get out and socialise with the guys from work because you can use it as a venting session and there’s plenty of jokes to go with it all…


Now that I’m leaving it has turned into IT dinners every week until I leave, so last night we went to Little Ceasars Pizzeria in Mundaring. Yeah it was a bit of a trek to get over there but g’damn the pizza is nice!

Little Ceasars

It’s an understated but packed little cafe. The counter is overrun by staff, and there are only three booths, and about 4-5 tables scattered inside the premises and on the sidewalk. If not for the reputation of this joint, you’d be forgiven for thinking this cafe was just another neighbourhood pizza parlour which is just trying its best to make ends meet.

But Little Caesars is anything but that. Looking at the wall, you see a menu for over 40 unconventional pizzas ( Red Chicken Curry or Oyster Kilpatrick anyone?) and 6 dessert pizzas. On another wall of Little Caesars, you see awards. These aren’t just your national awards… but the Inaugural America’s Plate from an International Pizza Show in New York proclaiming that the pizzas won BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD in various categories. You heard me right, this little cafe has beaten the pizza chefs of Italy.

If you get a chance definitely take the time to go and try out the pizzas, but be warned… if you go on the weekend you’ll be waiting for at least an hour… but boy is it worth it!!!

:: Diving With The Sharks @ AQWA

Grey Nurse Shark Saj Diving With The Sharks

Yesterday I went to AQWA to do my dive with the sharks and was accompanied by Tash and Sue Yen for moral support. After many comments and shark bait jokes I entered the main tank. Funnily enough, I wasn’t scared at all leading up to it and even when I was in the water, no sense of panic set in. All up there were 19 sharks varying from 3.5 metre long Grey Nurse sharks to 0.5 metre Port Jackson sharks. Seeing these creatures up close and personal is such an amazing experience! They just cruise around the tank slowly and boy do they have an impressive set of teeth on them!! The sting rays were HUGE ranging from 2-3 metres in width and when they glide over you their shadow leaves you in darkness. The logger head turtles were very inquisitive and came VERY close to me… the beak on them could do some major damage I tell ya! Apparently they’re a bit dopey and their brain takes snapshots of what’s in front of them at intervals so they swim into things a lot because their brain doesn’t register that something has moved in their path.

Diving Tash & Sue Yen

When you get suited up to dive, they negatively weight you so that you have no buoyancy. This way you are kept at the bottom of the tank and don’t interfere with the flow of the fish. Even though it’s a shallow dive of 4.5 metres you feel like you’re diving in the ocean… until you look to the side and see a little kid with his nose pressed up against the window as he waves at you.

Saj & Tash Shark

For those of you who have your diving license I definitely recommend doing a dive with the sharks… it’s truly an experience to remember… Thanks again Tash for the awesome pressie!  


Tash’s Birthday

Happy Birthday babygirl…!

:: Happy Birthday Tash…!

Happy Birthday Tash! 

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Taaaaaaaa – aaaaash….

Happy birthday to you!!!

Hip hop! Hoooraaaaaaaaaaay! Hoooooo! Heeeeeeey! Hoooo!!!

Hope you have a great day today babygirl…

:: Drag Warz

Last Sunday I was invited by SAUWA down to Drag Warz @ Kwinana Motorplex to do a photo shoot of some of their members cars. This was the first time that I’ve been down to the Motorplex in a while and it was great to hear the eardrum blitzing reving of engines and the intoxicating smell of rubber against the asphalt! Some of Perths quickest and fastest 4, 6 and Rotary powered vehicles were in the mix showing off a great day of Sport Compact racing. Among those hitting the track were a variety of Evos, Lancers, Skylines, WRX’s with manufacturers represented by Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda.

Drag Warz Drag Warz

The SAUWA crew had a show and shine display setup near the pits and it was a great to catch up with all the members. Out of all the car clubs that I’ve met, none have shown the enthusiasm or the effort to represent their club to the fullest like the SAUWA crew… Keep up the good work guys!

Drag Warz Drag Warz

Can’t wait til the members cruise later this month… Check out the photo gallery to see the shoot and feel free to leave a comment!