December 2006

::Tash’s Hens Night

Last Saturday I had my hens night which was organised by my lovely bridesmaids Rachael, Megan, and Lavinia. Apart from the excruciating heat in which we couldn’t help, oh whatta night!!

I had a fantastic time, It started out at my house, which was decorated with balloons and ribbons, we had a theme which was “Little Princesses” and we all had to wear our prettiest dress and the tiaras were provided as soon as you walked into the house. My tiara was special as I was the hen… Hence the title, Tash’s hens night. It had a little veil and pink fluffy bits on it and the 3 bridesmaids wore the ones that had pink gem stones at the front.

Apart from drinking booze and munching finger foods the whole night, Rachael and Megan organised some games such as Pass the Parcel, a quiz, and creating a wedding dress out of toilet papers. After the games I had a surprise visit from what it seemed to be a policeman, the siren went off and he came in rushing through the door, only it turned out that it was a stripper dressing up as a cop! What can I say? Initially, it was rather an uncomfortable experience but soon after it became hilarious and fun. I was sure my face went red, without a doubt it wasn’t because of too much booze, more like.. embarrassment 😛

He gave me a lap dance and to some of the audience as well. Nevertheless, after a few minutes I kind of warmed up a little bit so I just gave it go-with-the-flow attitude. He was very entertaining and did a good job, he seemed to know how to make the crowds go wild. After the “entertainment” had left the building, we all headed to the Deen, and since Shen knows the manager well, we were given 2 bottles of champagnes for free (thanks Shen). I drank a few glasses and oh boy did it hit me hard afterwards.

We danced all night as though the agonizing heat did not bother us and left the Deen soon after it closed.I had a great time and thank you so much to Rachael, Megan and my sister for organizing the party. You guys did a very good job.. Well done!

I have never had anyone organizing a party for me, so I told them to please let me be a part of it and I’m glad that I did (a little bit at least :P). I appreciate the time and effort that you put in and I love you all… I can’t wait to spend another girlie night out soon! 

:: Saj’s Bucks Night

It has been two days now and I’ve finally recovered from the bucks night to end all weddings… I mean bucks night to end all bucks nights… :)Leading up to the weekend I was being sneaky sneaky, and tried to get it out of Sahan and Heath what they had planned for me… To no avail I was only told that we were going to be paint balling and that the rest would unfold as the day progressed. About 15 of us rocked up to the paint ball arena in Canningvale and suited up in full camouflage gear and masks. It was a scorching day reaching up to 38 degrees and I swear each one of us would’ve lost at least 2kg with all the sweating we did. We were broken up into two groups and it was the green team vs the blue team. My team didn’t fare too well in the first couple of rounds with all the crew being nailed and not a single casualty on the green team. Tired of being the only tracked target (for some reason even my own team had the urge to hunt me down) I took the battle into my own hands in the third round and managed to nail 5 members of the opposition before my team took the victory for that round.

I would have to say the highlight was the shot for shot round where I was challenged by Kes, Heath (my brother in law), Sahan my best man and Cyrus my brother in law. I stood on one end of the field and the guys stood about 15 metres away from me. We each had 5 shots at each other and weren’t allowed to dodge the bullets that were aimed at us. Shot for shot it was painful and seeing that I was challenged I became good at nailing the guys. For some reason my gun released 3-4 paintballs at a time so it did plenty of damage. Check out the paintballing video here!

Bruised and battered we traded war stories and showed each other the instant bruises and welts we endured over a barbecue organised by Sahan at his house. Later that day I went home and dressed up for a big night out. Sahan told me to dress to go out clubbing, but when I rocked up to their house I was greeted and instructed to get changed into the clothes that were spread out on the bed. When I walked into the room I saw green suspenders, a red frilly shirt and checkered pants with white knee high socks and black dress shoes… I dressed up but that wasn’t all that was required of me. Once I had the outfit on Sahan passed me a pair of nerdy glasses completed with sticky tape in the middle to secure them! Yes… I had been transformed into STEVE ERKEL GEEK EXTRAORDINAIRE!!


Without kissing and telling too much shortly after the stripper arrived I was sat down on a chair while the entertainment continued…. many drinks were had and before I knew it I was arguing with the porcelain express… yes I got trashed and ended up crashing for 20 mins… Even though we didn’t get to paint the town red I had an awesome time once I woke up again and the boys kept the drinks flowing. Thanks to Sahan and Heath for organising everything and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding…

::Hook A Brother Up…

Sunday 26 November, 2006 – Congratulations to Jeremy and Polly on tying the knot last Sunday!! It was a very touching ceremony and the lead up to it with the tea ceremonies was a great new experience for me.  I’ve never been to a tea ceremony for weddings and it was a real suprise to me when we arrived at Polly’s house. At the door we were greeted by Leo and the two brides maids.

Little did I know that Jeremy had to pass a few tests before he and the brethren entourage were allowed to see Polly. Jeremy failed to answer some of the questions correctly so each of the boys (including myself) were punished for his mistakes and were forced to eat a bean curd sushi filled with wasabi and mustard. After reducing 8 fully grown men to tears (due to the burning wasabi) we were finally allowed into the house and Jeremy met his beautiful bride Polly.

Like most asian weddings there was an abundance of food, plenty of red envelopes being passed around and a happy atmosphere all around. It was great to see the first of the Brethren to tie the knot… with more to come including my own…

Even though each of us will be starting our own families and will have other commitments, there will always be the bond of our friendship no matter where we are…