November 2007

:: Phantomoholic…

So that’s what I call myself… Phantom of the Opera is the greatest musical theatre production I’ve ever seen. I love it so much that I’m so addicted to it, the first time I went and saw the show was in London and I thought it was AmAzInG!!! The actors blew me away.. Everything was excellent, the singing was powerful and the acting was so genuine and brought everyone to this emotional journey. The Phantom which was played by Earl Carpenter at that time was so spectacular! As the lead actor, he really brought everything together so perfectly, to me it was an unforgettable show.

When we were in Las Vegas, I was both curious and excited to see what’s the Phantom show was like over there. I came with a mind set of an extremely high expectation simply from the previous experience that I had. Let’s put it this way: I love this show so much that I was willing to see it by myself.

So as I entered the theatre, I was really impressed with the chandelier; it was HUGE and magnificent. The theatre was definitely a lot newer and more impressive than the one in London. However, as I observed the show, I realised that I set my expectation too high when I felt a tinge of disappointment. For one, the phantom’s voice was not as powerful… I felt as if he ran out of breath when he tried to hit the high notes, he did hit it but his voice was slowly disappearing. Secondly, which to me was the BIGGEST boo boo of all… everything seemed to be so rushed; The Phantom didn’t take his time when he was crying for Christine, Christine was also a little bit jumpy. It seemed like the actors wanted to get the show over and done with. The pace was just too fast for the audience to be able to absorb what was going on, and before you know it… the next scene was already happening. So to summarise my thoughts: although I enjoyed the performance thoroughly, it was definitely not as good as the London show. But I’m glad that I had a chance to see it again. The story line and the songs are great and if in the future I happen to be in the same city where The Phantom of the Opera is playing…

You bet! Before you know it, I’ll be blogging another review about this fantastic show :)

:: Sony Vaio TZ Series


After a much anticipated wait I have finally got my Sony Vaio TZ195 laptop. It is classed as an “ultraport” notebook and from the size you will be quite surprised at how much they have packed into this baby. It has 2 GB of RAM, a 1.2Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, a 48GB Solid State Drive (SSD) which is much more faster than traditional notebook hard drives, Dual Layer DVD burner, Biometric finger print sensor, and a 12.1″ screen which is LED back lit making it only 4mm thick! Other than the usual USB ports (2 of them) and video out they included a gigabit network card, firewire, and 2 card readers (one for memory stick and the other for SD cards).

Sony has always been innovative and is one to adopt new technologies into their products. Firstly, the use of SSD drives in laptops has helped increase performance while reducing power consumption in notebooks, which in turn helps prolong the battery life. Next they have introduced the Draft N wireless standard, although not officially an industry standard, boosts the wirelss network performance up to five times faster. In addition to that they have integrated a Wide Area Network (WAN) card so if you’re not around a wireless hotspot you can still access the internet if your area supports it. The LED backlit LCD screen produces a much brighter, more vibrant image and reduces the thickness of the screen dramatically.

All in all the system is less than 1″ thick when it is closed and is extremely light weighing in less than 2kg with the standard battery! The best part about the laptop has got to be its aesthetics. The piano black gloss finish on the keyboard, the emerald LED backlight power button and the premium carbon fibre casing all complement each other and make this one very sexy laptop.


Another cool feature of the laptop is the mini Operating System that it has integrated to run it’s Audio Visual mode. On the front of the notebook, there are a series of media buttons like AV, play, pause, rewind etc. When you press the AV button and the system is powered off, it will launch a Linux based OS and you can play photos, movies, or music through the graphical user interface without needing to boot into Windows. Check out this video of the Vaio TZ.

I’ve always been a fan of Sony’s Vaio line of business notebooks due to their looks and specs. As expected, anything with a Sony label on it comes at a premium price, but it’s definitely worth it! I would definitely recommend this laptop for any road warrior…

:: “Umber – ella”

Introducing the beautiful Ella Kayshini Parish. Her first name Ella means “bright light” and her middle name Kayshini means “Brave like a lioness”. It is a Sri Lankan name and was derived using her horoscope based on the time and date that she was born. Basically according to the horoscope her name needed to have the “K-aye” sound. These are a few photos of her from the past three weeks… isn’t she cute!

Tash’s Birthday!

Tash’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baboobskinator!

Heya Baby! I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!… I know we’re on the road at the moment coming back from Seattle so we haven’t got a chance to celebrate properly… but once we get back home we’ll have a little party once we pick up the doggies!

I hope you have a great days filled with lots of presents!

Love  Chimpo (haha)

:: Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane…?

No… It’s Super Saaaaaaaaj! Pretty impressive shot huh? After getting dressed up for Janlyk’s Halloween party in Seattle, Tash an I decided to take some action shots. I dressed up as Clarke Kent and Tash dressed up as a police officer . As you can see from my costume I didn’t need to do much to create it, but I think the final thing was quite effective. Off course thats just a normal Superman T-shirt with my natural rippling abs and pecks bulging through! *cough cough*

Now the flying shot wasn’t as easy as you may thing it was… after multiple takes…. this is one of the many bloopers…

The party was great fun and it was nice to see everyone making a super effort. There was Batman, Firemen, Gangsters, Dracula, Little Bo Peep, Samurai’s and even an appearance from SUPER MARIO from the video game! It was a great party… Kudos to Janlyk for organizing it!