July 2008

:: Photoshoot Of The Crane Boys @ Granville Island

Just recently my friend Taryn got married and as a gift to her husband, she got me to do a photo shoot of his 2 kids’s. When I got assigned the job I was thinking “ok these kids are going to be around 10 or 11…” but to my surprise, they were 25 and 28!!! So after realising that the shoot was going to be with two grown men I had to work out a way of doing it without making them feel shy about posing.

Anyway, trying to make two macho guys do a photo shoot was an interesting task… The shoot was done down at Granville Island near some old warehouse style buildings with rusty corrugated metal sheets. To say the least I was happy with the final results. In a similar theme to previous shoots, they requested a grungy finish… I’m quite happy with the final album which is leather bound and finished with extremely high quality. Below are a couple of my favourite shots from the session and the rest can be found in the gallery.


IMG_9590b copy

IMG_9733 copy    IMG_9587b copy

:: Photography By Saj Now Live

For those of you who have visited my site www.saj-online.com lately, you would have noticed a new portal entrance. After much work, I’ve launched my business website “Photography By Saj”. It’s finally completed and other than a few graphical tweaks that are pending, we’re LIVE!

This site was inspired by the many emails and messages posted on Facebook that I received from family, friends and even total strangers. They kept telling me that I need to put up a business front online to attract more work. It’s taken me a while, but now that the hard work has been completed, it’s up to my talent to draw in the potential clients.

Thank you to all those people that have said many kinds words to me regarding my photography and graphic designs… Much love! As always, you feedback or suggested changes are much appreciated. 

:: Show Time!

After all the hard work that we invested in preparation for our final showcase, the time had come for us – for the “white group” to shine. The showcase was held at the Havana Theatre in Vancouver on 4th and 5th July. It’s a small theatre and has a very intimate setting. It was perfect! There were 6 of us and we had three plays about 10-12 mins each play. We all have bonded so well for the past 6 months and we became really good friends. I have bittersweet feelings about this showcase, it was a very magical and exciting moment being on stage and performing, but on the flip side I was sad because this was the end of our journey together. Our group started with 10 people in January, 1 never showed up and the other 3 dropped out for various reasons. And so we ended up with a really nice and cozy small group. We laughed and cried together… alot!… SERIOUSLY! Amongst the other weird and wonderful things that we do at school.

Anyhow, it was truly an exhilarating moment and quite liberating I might add. I really enjoyed myself being on stage despite the tremendous stage fright to the point where my stomach was about to come out of my mouth leading up to it. I learnt so much right from the beginning from reading the script, text analysis, physical and vocal exercises, characterisation to rehearsals. I feel privileged to have worked with some amazing people on the go.

It’s like the old saying “It’s the journey that’s important, not just the destination”. I couldn’t agree more…

Tash’s Schoolcreative Final Showcase (Day 2)

Tash’s Schoolcreative Show Case @ Havana Theatre 8:00P.M.

Tash’s Schoolcreative Final Showcase (Day 1)

Tash’s Schoolcreative Show Case @ Havana Theatre 8:00P.M.