October 2009

:: A Thriller Record

Today we were down by the Roundhouse in Yaletown and we saw a big crowd. We walked over to see what all the commotion was about and as we got closer we were greeted by a large crowd of zombies that seemed to be rehearsing the moves from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. We soon found out that they were participating in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest group of zombies simultaneously doing the Thriller dance:

Here’s a few of the zombies that participated in the record attempt:

This was pretty impressive, but I personally liked the flash mob attempt that was done in Stockholm. What seemed like 3 or 4 people paying a tribute to Michael Jackson by dancing to “Beat It” in the middle of a train station while the crowd watched, soon turns into a giant flash mob choreography of the dance.

:: Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from us and the pooches! Not the scariest costumes in the world, but the doggies look so cute in them!

I’m sure there will be some animal cruelty activists knocking on our door if we took them out in public like this!

:: It’s Brooklyn In Tha House!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with little baby Brooklyn, the daughter of my good friends Rommel and Jane. I must say, that taking photos of new borns and older children is quite easy, but when they’re at that wriggly worm age of 10-12 months old it becomes a difficult task. You have split seconds between having that perfect shot or else you end up with a blurry picture because they move so quick! Brooklyn is the cutest baby and has biggest beautiful eyes that are almost like marbles! I was able to capture some precious moments, including this one I like to call the “puss in boots pout”:


We did a few different wardrobes and off course the favourite for everyone was the baby monkey suit complete with sewn in pot belly. I waved my magical Photoshop want and added some peeled bananas into the scene for more effect.


All in all it was a fun and extremely tiring photoshoot for all us trying to get her attention and to keep her in one spot, while juggling our dogs who seemed to want to take the attention from her! What a cute bub! This level of quality was 10% my work and 90% Brooklyn’s effort! :) This little monkey is turning 1 next month and I’m honoured that their parents have used the photos from the shoot for their invitation!



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