July 2010

:: Photoshoot with Jeff Bryant from The Human Statues

Jeff Bryant is a extremely talented musician who is part of a duo called The Human Statues. Just coming off the theatre musical circuit of “Buddy”, Jeff wanted to do a solo shoot with his baby guitar on the beach where he’s most at home. We chose the Spanish Banks beachfront as the location for the shoot. It was a very casual session, basking in the beaming sunshine while he jammed away. I think we even managed to come away with a new single with through his free style jamming!

As with most shoots, lighting is a key factor, and unfortunately when shooting on the beach, the glare from the sunlight can be blinding. Jeff did a great job trying to battle the ray being beamed into his eyes from the giant reflector that Tash was assisting me with. Great job “Squinty”…




Hit the gallery for the full shoot and don’t forget to check out the Human Statues online at www.thehumanstatues.com

:: Photoshoot with Tash @ Gastown

I’ve been meaning to do a shoot in Gastown for a while now, so this weekend I headed out with Tash. The idea was to use the iconic steam clock as the backdrop for the shoot, but it was too crowded so we had to find another location. While looking for a suitable spot I stumbled across this gem of a location. The whole shoot was done with available light (at 10pm). The alley way had so much character with the red brick walls, paved paths and vintage lights that you would find in a cowboy movie. Tash worked the camera well and braved the onslaught of mosquitoes. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the results of the shoot.



Check out the gallery to see the entire shoot!

:: Vancouver Summer Sunset Panoramic

I drive across Granville bridge every morning on my way to work. This is the view that I see each time, and it’s even more spectacular as the sun sets on the far side of English Bay. The bridge in the photo is called Burrard Bridge and that connects downtown to Kitsilano and UBC areas. Just to the bottom right you can see the marina at Granville Island. In the distance  you can see mountains fading away in the sunset and the balance of nature meeting civilization is just breath taking…

:: There’s A Hippo In My Bed…

I love vintage post processed photos. I’ve been playing around with some filters in photoshop, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. the nostalgia of flipping though my parents’ photo albums seeing what time has done to the pictures and how the degradation almost enhances the photo capturing the era…

There's A Hippo In My Bed

:: Retro-spect

Playing in photoshop again… had a douse of disco fever and decided to use the colour schemes and fonts worthy of the era…

Retro Saj

:: Vector-y Is Mine!

I’ve always been a fan of modern/pop art, graffiti murals, and I love vector art. Always wanting to hone on my graphic design skills I decided to create this vector styled drawing based on a Cut n Sew by Marc Ecko T-shirt that I have.

3 hours in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and this is what I came up with:

Summer Love 

:: Beach Photoshoot with Shazmin

I’ve worked with Shazmin in my previous concept shoot based on the Battle Of Iwo Jima. She was really fun to work with and we have great dynamics. Shazmin approached me to help build up her portfolio because she needed some beach shoots for a Miss Hawaii Tropicanna competition that she was entering.


We did the shoot as the sun set on second beach and were fighting for time because doing the makeup took a bit longer than estimated. Before we knew it, we had an audience watching us along the sea wall as I snapped away. It was great working with Shazmin because she really knows how to move like a model and it allows for the photographer to be able to capture each frame fluidly. Every model should learn what their good angles are and how to work with the photographer to flatter their strengths.


With the sun dropping quickly in the sky I had to think quickly because we were losing light. I decided to continue using the reflector, but fired my flash remotely off that to simulate the sun. It worked really well and I’m really happy with the results.


Since Vancouver isn’t well known for its beaches, I had to do a bit of post production to create that Carribean look and feel for the photos by changing the water and adding beach sand. You can see a before and after of what it was like. Check out the rest of the shoot in the gallery!


:: Victorian Style Fashion Shoot

Today’s shoot was done with Kyla Lee and makeup artist Ashley Sandmoen. Ashley came up with a theme of wanting to do a victorian style fashion shoot with era specific makeup. The shoot was done in front of a church to simulate the environment and kudos to Kyla for being able to brave the wind in that tiny dress!

The second look Ashley wanted to create was a deconstructed look with the makeup. It was a fairly interesting shoot because we were battling the high winds of downtown Georgia St. The weather was fairly overcast and running around with softboxes and strobes made it that much harder. This part of the shoot was accomplished commando style. We used the water feature in front of Shangri La Hotel and it proved to be a great location. The water feature  is only a few centimetres deep, but creates the illusion of it being very deep. After some very quick frames and splashing around I wrapped it up in the nick of time as security made their way down. Luckily they didn’t approach us… Check it out in the gallery page!