July 2011

:: Bubba’s Crib

After weeks of online shopping, days of painting and hours of procrastinating, we have finally completed decorating our baby room. It is fitting to see it all come together, because tomorrow we get to see our little ninja in “4D Ultrasound” for the first time and will be able to make out her features and hopefully will get a good look at her. She’s been extra busy doing somersaults, swinging on Tash’s rib cage like a monkey and practising her punches and kicks with Tash’s organs.

Decorating the baby room was a nice little project that gave Tash and I the opportunity to squeeze in some bonding time together since we’ve both had very hectic schedules with work and travel. After weeks of looking, we finally settled on an owls theme. There was no science or reason for the choice… they were just so damn cute! Our aim was to make the room as bright and colourful as we could because it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

The most painstaking part of the process was painting the pin stripes on the walls. In our haste and excitement to see the finished product, we ripped off the tape as soon as we could. We soon realized that the colours were too close to each other so there wasn’t a proper distinction between the stripes. So much for trusting the paint chips! We had to re-tape the whole thing again and start back at square one, only this time using a darker paint. If anyone is looking to do pin stripes with paint, I highly recommend Frog Tape. That stuff is amazing and you don’t get ANY bleeding with the paint.

So after all the hard work we were faced with the toughest job of all… convincing our dogs Candy and Jasmin that this room wasn’t theirs! They seemed to make themselves quite at home immediately! Anyway, check out the finished product…

:: Graffitti Saj

It has been a while since I’ve had a change to do some real Photoshop manipulations. I’ve always been envious of people that are able to “paint” in photo realistic portraits in Photoshop. Over the weekend I decided to do this self portrait of myself with the design inspired by the latest Chris Brown album cover for F.A.M.E. The trick was to edit the photo to look like it was a drawing and this was achieved by dodging highlights and burning shadows. In addition to this multiple layers were painted onto the photo to simulate different light sources and colour effects. The result?

:: Bumpety Bump…

This is an ultrasound picture of our little ninja in her crouching tiger hidden dragon pose. Lately she’s been using Tash’s bladder and rib cage as a sparring partner, so I’m guessing she’s going to be a handful when she gets out!