June 2012

:: Vancouver Aquarium

This weekend we went to the Vancouver Aquarium. It’s always a nice relaxing experience taking in the bright colours and exotic looking creatures. I love scuba diving and will take any opportunity to capture images of these stunning creatures in their habitat. It is however, a very costly process to take professional gear underwater with all the housing and specialized lighting required. So, the next best thing is taking photos at the aquarium through the glass tanks without the risk of water logging and destroying my expensive gear or having the fish get spooked and disappear into the abyss… I know its cheating, but it’s the next best thing… I have a lot of respect for those National Geographic photographers that have to endure harsh conditions and pain staking “camp outs” to capture that perfect photo.

My personal favourite of the day would have to be the photo of Savannah and William looking through the viewing area window at the Beluga Whales. The sun was beaming at such an angle that it lit up the entire tank and created rays of light through the water that spilled into the room.

Here are a few shots from the day, ranging from the Antarctic, to the tropics, to the Amazon:


:: Savatar

Lately I’ve been pretty flat out with work and freelance projects to dabble in my own work. I’ve been wanting to do a photo manipulation of Savannah for a while now. I was inspired with this concept from the cute nickname that my wife Natashia came up with – Savatar. She’s been growing so quickly these days and is developing her voice and motor skills.

So if James Cameron decides to follow up with a sequel to his block buster movie, I have the perfect up and coming star and copyright to the title: Savatar

When my dad saw the picture he said, “I hope it is only a photoshop job and that you did not paint her blue!!!”

I replied with, “Of course not… I’m not that stupid… paint would be toxic… I used blue dye instead…”

Well if the movie industry doesn’t work out for her I’m sure the Blue Man Group are hiring… 😉

:: Baby Photo Shoot With Olivia

We were so excited when we got the news that our good friend Marina and Rodrigo were going to have a baby. I had the opportunity to do a shoot with this little Brazillian bundle of joy while she was just 18 days old. It’s crazy how quickly you forget the touch and feel of a new born. Just holding her and having her body collapse on you like a sack of potatoes makes you realize how vunerable a new born is. Seeing Olivia reminded me of how Savannah was when she was a new born and there is nothing more precious than the feeling of cuddling them. Olivia did a great job during the shoot. Here’s a few sneak peaks of the final product but be sure to check out the gallery for the full set.