November 2012

:: Humbled…

Today while browsing through my usual websites I was shocked (initially) and then humbled to see my photo of the Okavango Delta on the front page of as part of their photo critique session. Check out the link and jump to 9:25 to see what they have to say about my work. I’m extremely humbled to have such good feedback from a photographer whose work I admire so much! See the video here:

:: Okavango Delta

Here is a photo from an archive I was going through from a trip with my wife to the Okavango Delta, Botswana back in 2006. It was an amazing trip where we got to experience the landscape and animals in their purest form. It was definitely a great experience being that close to nature in the wild. The canoes in the foreground were dug out of a tree trunk and was our only mode of transportation through the delta. We camped for 3 nights and carried all the food and water we needed in the canoes while we experienced everything that the delta had to offer.