December 2012

:: Post Production Work

Recently a client asked me to do some post production work on a photo that was taken at his wedding covered by another photographer. During the first dance, the guests surrounded the couple on the dance floor and lit sparklers. He loved the mood of the image and asked me if there was a way to enhance the glows of the sparklers and make the photo more “epic” so that he could print it in a large format. Epic was what he wanted so I used the RAW unedited file and I increased the effect of the sparklers, enhanced the shadows to isolate and bring focus to the couple and finally, did some colour treatments and removed some distracting components of the scene. Here is the before and after of the photo after I finished post production.



:: Leader Of The Pack


The past weekend we had a quick winter getaway to Whistler and while we were there we went dog sledding. It was an amazing and educational experience! The dogs are absolute darlings… they get soooo excited when you tether them to the sled that they start barking excitedly and jump on the spot ready to roll. The dogs are also very sneaky… they look back check to see if you have the brakes on and would bolt any time they see you with your foot off it! It was so much fun being hands on in the process from harnessing them up to actually being the Musher who drives the sled. Savannah on the other hand had the best nap during the whole time and she was all bundled up as snug as a bug in a rug!

_MG_8506 copy