January 2013


:: Maternity Shoot with Philana & Albert

Today I did a maternity session with a lovely couple expecting their first child. Philana and Albert were the winners of my facebook launch campaign contest and I was very excited to work with them. Philana was approximately 7 months old and this is great stage in the pregnancy to do maternity sessions as you’re “popping” enough, yet you’re still able to move around and pose without too much discomfort.

Often when working with clients I’m flexible with the location where we do the session. Sometimes they prefer a studio, on location or the comfort of their own home. This session was done at their apartment and wanted to do some editorial style maternity photos in addition to the traditional keepsake style poses. They were very accommodating with my requests including moving furniture around to create the best lighting and environment for the scene. Here’s a few photos from the session:

Congratulations Philana & Albert on the new baby and all the best on this exciting new chapter of your life!

Absolut Mandrin

:: Constructive Critique

Today another photo of mine “Absolut Zest” was one of the featured images critiqued over at www.slrlounge.com. Click here and skip to the 0:50 mark to see what they had to say about it!


:: Sun, Sand & Surf…


There’s nothing quite like taking a stroll down the beach during sunset feeling the sand between your toes…



Absolut Mandrin

:: Absolut Zest…

This photo is a concept ad I did for Absolut Mandrin Vodka executed in their typical marketing style. It was shot in a studio with a white backdrop and a strobe with 3′ softbox overhead. I used some large black and white cards to the left and right side of the bottle to reflect the “colour” back onto the bottle to enhance the frosted look while creating more dimension to the shot. I did multiple exposures with the camera on a tripod using trigger release in order to have all of the elements such as the lid, seal, label, fruit be evenly exposed while maintaining as much detail as I could. I used a 70-200mm F2.8 lens @ 102mm to create a bit more compression in the shot and to minimize any distortion to the bottle and props. In post production I chopped it all together to create the final image:

Absolut Mandrin