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Newborn Portrait Session with Brooklyn

:: Bali Getaway

We just got back from a quick whirlwind trip to Australia and Bali to catchup with family and friends. It was great to be re-introduced to the sights, sounds, smells and most importantly foods that we took for granted while we lived there. Eating simple things like rotisserie bake chicken with “chips and chicken salt”, the south east asian flavoured chinese food and not to mention the good ol’ Aussie meat pie brought back a flood of nostalgic memories and satisfied those cravings of food that we can’t get in Canada or just doesn’t taste the same.

It has been 4 years since I was last back in Perth and while the city has changed and grown one this hasn’t… and that is the close friendships that were forged all those years ago. It’s nice to meet up with old friends and pick up as if not a day has gone by without seeing each other.

While our stay in Australia felt all too brief, we found ourselves packing our bags again and were off to Bali to get some heat… Here are a few photos I’ve taken during our stay there:

:: Tresure Troll

:: Day Dreaming…

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the whole day day dreaming…

:: Burrard Bridge

Landscape photography has always been my favourite. You get a chance to take in the scenery and in addition to that you can take your time setting up the shot. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to pick up my gear and tripod and spend some time taking it all in. This photo is of Burrard Street Bridge taken from Granville Island jetty. The cool temperature of the photo accentuates the mood set in the clouds and gives the photo a dark winter feel.

:: Lime & Tangerine

At the tender age of 3 weeks old I did a photo shoot of my daughter Savannah. Almost everyone can’t believe the focus and attention that she has. The usual comment is, “normally new borns are floppy and look like they’re focussing behind you”

What more can I say, she was a very good subject and having a photographer for a dad, I’m sure this isn’t going to be her last session either! I decided to go with the “Lime and Tangerine” theme to have a very colourful contrasting photo. I think the colours complement each other very well and the flower and lace head band add some nice detail to the photo. Check out the results!

:: Introducing Our Beautiful Baby Girl…

After months of anticipation, hours of pain and a roller coaster of emotion we finally get to meet our little baby girl. Nothing can quite prepare you for the flood of emotions you feel when you hear that first cry and gasp for air with the beginning of a new life. We decided on the name Savannah Jaesha Gunawardena. Her middle name was chosen according to her Sri Lankan Horoscope which gave her the sound “Jay” and so we chose the name Jaesha.

The first thing the nurse said was, “oh my gosh, you look like a little hedgehog!” because of the full head of hair that she had. Both Tash and the baby are doing well and we’re all settling in and getting to know each other… All I can say is with parenthood, you don’t get to dip your toe in to test the water and gently ease yourself in… you get thrown in the deep end without your little floaties. Ever moment is indeed precious, and with the lack of sleep, midnight feeds and diaper changes, trying to console the baby when they’re crying, that one little smile or giggle really makes it all worth it. Welcome to the world my little girl.

:: Newborn Photo Shoot With William

Introducing Jean-Sebastien & Marie-Claude’s beautiful baby boy William. At two weeks old, William was very receptive during the shoot staring at the lens with his blue marble eyes. He was very well behaved during the session. He was a close second to Shadow (their other baby… a black lab) when it came to posing! Congratulations JS and MC, and all the best to you and your new family!

Check out the photo gallery for the rest of the session!

UPDATE: I received this lovely feedback from MC regarding the photo shoot:

“Hi Saj! OMG the pictures are just awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much… They are just the best, I am in shock! I have to admit that my baby is very cute!!! You have some serious talent mister!!! If you want, I had a friend who was looking to have some pictures taken of her baby… Do you take clients? She loved your pictures. Let me know.

And, again.. thank you SSSOOOOO much. I’ll never thank you enough for these precious memories. – Cheers MC”

:: Bubba’s Crib

After weeks of online shopping, days of painting and hours of procrastinating, we have finally completed decorating our baby room. It is fitting to see it all come together, because tomorrow we get to see our little ninja in “4D Ultrasound” for the first time and will be able to make out her features and hopefully will get a good look at her. She’s been extra busy doing somersaults, swinging on Tash’s rib cage like a monkey and practising her punches and kicks with Tash’s organs.

Decorating the baby room was a nice little project that gave Tash and I the opportunity to squeeze in some bonding time together since we’ve both had very hectic schedules with work and travel. After weeks of looking, we finally settled on an owls theme. There was no science or reason for the choice… they were just so damn cute! Our aim was to make the room as bright and colourful as we could because it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

The most painstaking part of the process was painting the pin stripes on the walls. In our haste and excitement to see the finished product, we ripped off the tape as soon as we could. We soon realized that the colours were too close to each other so there wasn’t a proper distinction between the stripes. So much for trusting the paint chips! We had to re-tape the whole thing again and start back at square one, only this time using a darker paint. If anyone is looking to do pin stripes with paint, I highly recommend Frog Tape. That stuff is amazing and you don’t get ANY bleeding with the paint.

So after all the hard work we were faced with the toughest job of all… convincing our dogs Candy and Jasmin that this room wasn’t theirs! They seemed to make themselves quite at home immediately! Anyway, check out the finished product…