:: Go Canucks! Go!

Tonight I got to see my very first National Hockey League (NHL) game live at GM Place. My friend Wei Kiat invited me to go and check out the game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Anaheim Ducks… yes the team made famous from the blockbuster Disney movie… and the not so much popular second and third sequels…



I can’t believe I’ve been in Canada for 2 years and not having seen a single ice hockey game live! The stadium atmosphere and size is amazing and you definitely have plenty of die hard hockey fans attending the games. The game was very fast paced and exciting with the Canucks leading very early 3-1 but in a second and third period come back, the Ducks had scored a quick succession of goals to close the gap. The final game score was 4-3 to the Canucks!



Now this wouldn’t be a hockey game without a punch up and throughout our game there were at least 5 altercations between players. You definitely can tell that some of the players are on the team just for this purpose because with their size they can’t move around on the ice very quickly, but they’re always the first to drop their gloves and hockey sticks when their team mates need a hand…


I can see why this sport is has such a die hard following and is the national sport because its a fast paced, heavy contact sport where the energy is always so high.


This definitely won’t be my last live hockey game… Go Canucks! Go!