:: Happy 1st Birthday Savannah – Smash The Cake

Natashia’s Birthday Party @ The Domus

:: Happy Birthay Munchkin!

Today my little niece Ella aka Ella-phant turns 1 year old… I can’t believe that a year has already passed by and boy has she grown quick! Over the past year I’ve seen her learn how to prop herself up and balance without support, wave hello, cut her first teeth and now crawl and stand up… oh and her scull her first beer!

We’re still working on the whole walking thing, and my sister Erandi is going to have her work cut out for her by then if she already hasn’t! I can’t believe its been a year and I still haven’t seen her yet… until then I’ll have to build up that relationship via Skype webcam… I can only imagine that this is what she pictures Uncle Saj as!

Since she’s a bit more mobile now she always wants to grab the camera and I think that she’s just trying to work out where the voice is coming from…

Happy Birthday Ella-phant…! I hope you like your Dumbo the Elephant toy…