Family Portrait Session


Family Portrait Session with The Tkach Clan


Family Portrait Session With the Hong Clan


Family Portrait Session With the Rosmini Clan


Family Portrait Session With The Ramzan Clan


:: Portrait Session With The Narula Family

Today I had the privilege of doing a portrait session with the Narula family. Avi, Krista and 6 month old baby Kai were extremely fun to work with and it was  a perfect day to shoot with the overcast sky creating the perfect lighting. Since they are moving away from Vancouver, they wanted to have a session done before they left that captured the essence of the city. What better location than on the waterfront with the iconic city scape and mountains in the background. The first stop was Vanier Park where we used the marina’s rocks and clear views of downtown to set the perfect backdrop. Bubba Kai showed his Kiwi roots throughout the day doing the Haka dance complete with his tongue sticking out! The next stop was Coal Harbor sea wall and the Westin Bayshore gardens. This shoot was the first time I tried out my new Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5’s on location for wireless flashes and I’m loving the convenience and results! Let me know what you think of the photos!