Natashia’s Birthday Party @ The Domus

Happy Halloween

This was the first year that we have got to spend Halloween in Vancouver. It’s not really celebrated much in Australia so we really didn’t think much about it other than being bombarded with the usual retail propaganda. Our apartment is two blocks away from the major pub and nightclub strip in the downtown area so there was plenty of action going on with almost every venue having Halloween themed parties. Halloween is quite a big deal in North America and everyone gets into the spirit of things and dress up in very elaborate costumes. You’ve got the usual vampires, werewolves, superheroes and witches, whereas others chose to be a bit more witty with their costumes. Some of the flesh wounds that people had created were a little TOO realistic… I saw one guy walking down the street wearing a dinosaur head and he had leather pants with the butt cheeks cut out. He called himself “Mega-sore-ass”…

Last year we went to a party in Seattle and it was definitely a case of dejavu this year… This year we decided to got to a party out in Kitsilano with some of Tash’s friends and it turned out to be quite a good night. It ended up being an open house party complete with DJ, spooky nights, token smoke machine and off course plenty of alcohol. Everyone had a pretty good time and we made friends with some pretty cool people.

This festivity is starting to grow on me… Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for all the pics!