Photo Shoot


:: Cherry Blossom Family Portrait Session


Today I was excited to have a family portrait session with Rachel, Matthew and Naomi. Our initial plan was to meet at Stanley Park and work our way around from there. I got a call from Rachel saying that they were running a bit late, so I decided to drive around to scope out some shooting locations around downtown. The previous week I wanted to do the portrait session with Cherry Blossom trees as the backdrop however they weren’t blooming yet. I drove around and in that short time frame between shoots they were out in full force! I changed our plan of location and we had this amazingly colourful backdrop to use for the session. Being an Easter long weekend it was quiet and there weren’t many people around. These trees only bloom for a short period of time before they shed their petals and look just like any normal tree, but when they do come out they just attract the masses…

So once I got us all setup we followed through the session and I made use of the huge water feature and surrounding gardens. Little Naomi has a pout that can man any father melt and hand over all the candy he’s holding and she definitely put it to work!

Check out some of the photo’s from the session below:



:: Portrait Session With The Narula Family

Today I had the privilege of doing a portrait session with the Narula family. Avi, Krista and 6 month old baby Kai were extremely fun to work with and it was  a perfect day to shoot with the overcast sky creating the perfect lighting. Since they are moving away from Vancouver, they wanted to have a session done before they left that captured the essence of the city. What better location than on the waterfront with the iconic city scape and mountains in the background. The first stop was Vanier Park where we used the marina’s rocks and clear views of downtown to set the perfect backdrop. Bubba Kai showed his Kiwi roots throughout the day doing the Haka dance complete with his tongue sticking out! The next stop was Coal Harbor sea wall and the Westin Bayshore gardens. This shoot was the first time I tried out my new Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5’s on location for wireless flashes and I’m loving the convenience and results! Let me know what you think of the photos!



:: Maternity Shoot with Philana & Albert

Today I did a maternity session with a lovely couple expecting their first child. Philana and Albert were the winners of my facebook launch campaign contest and I was very excited to work with them. Philana was approximately 7 months old and this is great stage in the pregnancy to do maternity sessions as you’re “popping” enough, yet you’re still able to move around and pose without too much discomfort.

Often when working with clients I’m flexible with the location where we do the session. Sometimes they prefer a studio, on location or the comfort of their own home. This session was done at their apartment and wanted to do some editorial style maternity photos in addition to the traditional keepsake style poses. They were very accommodating with my requests including moving furniture around to create the best lighting and environment for the scene. Here’s a few photos from the session:

Congratulations Philana & Albert on the new baby and all the best on this exciting new chapter of your life!

:: Happy 1st Birthday Savannah – Smash The Cake

:: Sunny Daze In The Meadow


:: Baby Photo Shoot With Olivia

We were so excited when we got the news that our good friend Marina and Rodrigo were going to have a baby. I had the opportunity to do a shoot with this little Brazillian bundle of joy while she was just 18 days old. It’s crazy how quickly you forget the touch and feel of a new born. Just holding her and having her body collapse on you like a sack of potatoes makes you realize how vunerable a new born is. Seeing Olivia reminded me of how Savannah was when she was a new born and there is nothing more precious than the feeling of cuddling them. Olivia did a great job during the shoot. Here’s a few sneak peaks of the final product but be sure to check out the gallery for the full set.

:: Tresure Troll

:: Day Dreaming…

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the whole day day dreaming…

:: Lime & Tangerine

At the tender age of 3 weeks old I did a photo shoot of my daughter Savannah. Almost everyone can’t believe the focus and attention that she has. The usual comment is, “normally new borns are floppy and look like they’re focussing behind you”

What more can I say, she was a very good subject and having a photographer for a dad, I’m sure this isn’t going to be her last session either! I decided to go with the “Lime and Tangerine” theme to have a very colourful contrasting photo. I think the colours complement each other very well and the flower and lace head band add some nice detail to the photo. Check out the results!

:: Newborn Photo Shoot With William

Introducing Jean-Sebastien & Marie-Claude’s beautiful baby boy William. At two weeks old, William was very receptive during the shoot staring at the lens with his blue marble eyes. He was very well behaved during the session. He was a close second to Shadow (their other baby… a black lab) when it came to posing! Congratulations JS and MC, and all the best to you and your new family!

Check out the photo gallery for the rest of the session!

UPDATE: I received this lovely feedback from MC regarding the photo shoot:

“Hi Saj! OMG the pictures are just awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much… They are just the best, I am in shock! I have to admit that my baby is very cute!!! You have some serious talent mister!!! If you want, I had a friend who was looking to have some pictures taken of her baby… Do you take clients? She loved your pictures. Let me know.

And, again.. thank you SSSOOOOO much. I’ll never thank you enough for these precious memories. – Cheers MC”