:: It’s Brooklyn In Tha House…

In the words of The Notorious BIG, “It’s Brooklyn in tha house”… Today against all plans and preparation we welcome our second daughter Brooklyn Thilini Gunawardena into the world… She was born on September 5th, 2013 at 9:17am weight in at 6lbs 10oz and 51cm tall… Welcome my little girl… you’re definitely a chubby little monkey and I can’t get over those cheeks!



:: Maternity Session With Elaine & Wei Kiat

Our close friends Elaine and Wei Kiat are expecting their first baby and I was delighted when they asked me to do a maternity session for them. They didn’t want the typical cliche photos, so I opted to do more of a lifestyle session with them. The weather was perfect and we made good use of this beautiful Vancouver summer day. Here’s a few photos from the session:

:: Photoshoot with Jeff Bryant from The Human Statues

Jeff Bryant is a extremely talented musician who is part of a duo called The Human Statues. Just coming off the theatre musical circuit of “Buddy”, Jeff wanted to do a solo shoot with his baby guitar on the beach where he’s most at home. We chose the Spanish Banks beachfront as the location for the shoot. It was a very casual session, basking in the beaming sunshine while he jammed away. I think we even managed to come away with a new single with through his free style jamming!

As with most shoots, lighting is a key factor, and unfortunately when shooting on the beach, the glare from the sunlight can be blinding. Jeff did a great job trying to battle the ray being beamed into his eyes from the giant reflector that Tash was assisting me with. Great job “Squinty”…




Hit the gallery for the full shoot and don’t forget to check out the Human Statues online at

:: Photoshoot with Tash @ Gastown

I’ve been meaning to do a shoot in Gastown for a while now, so this weekend I headed out with Tash. The idea was to use the iconic steam clock as the backdrop for the shoot, but it was too crowded so we had to find another location. While looking for a suitable spot I stumbled across this gem of a location. The whole shoot was done with available light (at 10pm). The alley way had so much character with the red brick walls, paved paths and vintage lights that you would find in a cowboy movie. Tash worked the camera well and braved the onslaught of mosquitoes. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the results of the shoot.



Check out the gallery to see the entire shoot!

:: Battle of Iwo Jima Denim Jeans Concept Advertisement

Battle Of Iwo Jima Memorial Statue

The famous Battle of Iwo Jima Memorial statue inspired this crazy concept. The idea was to create a jeans advertisement inspired by the pose that the soldiers were in, and to mix it in with a sexy twist without being disrespectful to the war veterans. It was a great shoot working with so many models and I have to say it was a lot of work pulling the final thing together.

Postproduction took more time than the shoot itself (nearly 3-4 hours per poster)… I was aiming to do a HDR (High Dynamic Range) postproduction to create that animated feel to it. All of the accessories like the ammunition chains, dog tags, grenades etc were photoshopped into the scene. The shot was a composition of the group against a white backdrop and then the environment was added in later. I shot each model individually so that I had a variety of poses to choose from and then I chose the best shots and chopped in the models into the shot. The hardest part about this sort of work where you are pretty much creating everything from scratch is the maintain photorealism and also make it believable. ie. making sure light sources and shadows are consistent etc…







Seeing the behind the scenes shots you can see how much work (and fun) went into this shoot! Let me know what you think!

:: Mattias & Tiago Photoshoot

Over the Easter weekend I had the opportunity to do a baby photoshoot of 8 day old Tiago and his older brother Mattias. It was a really fun shoot to do because I used some props to create a cotton cloud effect and both the kids were extremely photogenic and played to the camera. I was planning on doing a shoot with some giant easter eggs placed around the kids but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to take 5 photos before all attention was lost to the chocolates!





Here’s a little photo montage video that I created for them:


Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!