:: Rockin’ Out

Once again The Rockstar Production directed by Gabriel Carter proved to be a great success with 9 actors inhabiting 9 Rockstars! The show took place over the past weekend at Schoolcreative and attracted a crowd that packed the auditorium. The energy was high and the performaces were electric…






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:: Pizza Man

Written by: Darlene Craviotto

Directed by: Stellina Rusich

Meeshelle Neal, Natashia Chandra and Arpad Balogh

Stage Managed by: Aeryn Martin

Presented by: Schoolcreative

Two girls feeling down and out order a pizza and hilarity ensues.
A twisted comedy with pizza, passion and power.

$10 per person, cheap booze, fun times.

Opening Night: Friday, April 17th

Saturday April 18th, Sunday April 19th

Friday April 24th, Saturday April 25th, Sunday April 26th

Venue: Schoolcreative - 314 West Cordova

Doors open at 7:00, Showtime at 8:00pm

Call 604-669-1635 or e-mail

to reserve your tickets.

Director Stellina Rusich & Performers Natashia Chandra, Meeshelle Neal & Arpad
Balogh answer the question “why should we see the play…

Tash’s Schoolcreative Final Showcase (Day 2)

Tash’s Schoolcreative Show Case @ Havana Theatre 8:00P.M.

Tash’s Schoolcreative Final Showcase (Day 1)

Tash’s Schoolcreative Show Case @ Havana Theatre 8:00P.M.

:: Photoshoot @ Schoolcreative 2.0

IMG_8821 copy 

After seeing the results from the photo shoot that I did for Tash’s class at Schoolcreative, the Artistic Director asked me to do a similar shoot for the other group of students that are graduating at the end of the month. This shoot was a bit of a challenge because it was the first time meeting the group, so in the short time I needed to work out the group dynamics and see what each individual was comfortable with. The girls wore sexy cocktail dresses with feather boa’s, tiara’s and sparkling jewellery while the guys wore some slick suits with ties and hats. The whole setup worked well to tie in with the theme of their final showcase plays which was New York City. Most of the shoot was done against the raw red brick wall in the studio and I felt that black and white worked well with the final process.

IMG_8837 copy 

Here are a few photos from the shoot… let me know what you think!

IMG_8685 copy IMG_8766 copy

IMG_8615b copy IMG_8626b copy

IMG_8645 copy IMG_8797 copy

IMG_8704 copy IMG_8737 copy

The entire shoot is in the photo gallery.