:: A Thriller Record

Today we were down by the Roundhouse in Yaletown and we saw a big crowd. We walked over to see what all the commotion was about and as we got closer we were greeted by a large crowd of zombies that seemed to be rehearsing the moves from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. We soon found out that they were participating in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest group of zombies simultaneously doing the Thriller dance:

Here’s a few of the zombies that participated in the record attempt:

This was pretty impressive, but I personally liked the flash mob attempt that was done in Stockholm. What seemed like 3 or 4 people paying a tribute to Michael Jackson by dancing to “Beat It” in the middle of a train station while the crowd watched, soon turns into a giant flash mob choreography of the dance.

:: Pimp My Crib… Home Sweet Home 3.0

Wow what a month..! Everytime we decide to do anything it all seems to happen at once! Over the past month I’ve been busy with the relocation of my office which meant major network infrastructure changes and implementations in addition to all the furniture fit outs and renovations. Once that move was all over, it was time for us to move into our own apartment in Yaletown. To make a long story short, since leaving Australia this would be our FIFTH move as far as living arrangements… so you can imagine that we’re just a little bit over the whole concept…

Finally two years after we picked up the keys to our apartment we are finally living in a place that we own. The tower that  it was built in was completed about 2 years ago and we had been renting it out during that time. Since we’re going to be based here ior the time being, it made sense for us to move in. Not only do we save a lot more money, there’s definitely a warm fuzzy feeling that you get living in your own place.

In addition that we get to make the place our own and we definitely didn’t wait around to do that. Prior to moving in we bought some new furniture for the apartment, did some minor renovations such as wall mounting the LCD TV, doing light installations and also painting the place. We did two feature walls; chocolate brown in the lounge room and we painted the bedroom Nappa Valley green with a darker green feature wall. Our friend Rodrigo did the painting for us and we’re so impressed with the finished product. He definitely makes it look a lot easier than it is! Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of painting experience. It usually starts out with a giant ball of enthusiasm and excitement until the paint is bought and we’re halfway through painting the first wall and my sister turns around and says “I’m bored… why do you finish it?” Oh and let’s not forget the impromptu painting of my brother in law’s  place… 3500 sq feet in 2 days… I think I’m done with painting (and moving) for a very long time.

Now for the grand tour… This is the kitchen with black appliances and granite counter top:




This is the bathroom:


This is the bedroom which leads out to the balcony. The LCD TV is wall mounted and connected to all the components in the lounge room so we can have a clean space in the room without anything showing:




This is the lounge room with out new couch (I think it looks like a giant inverted Oreo) and the home theatre setup. The abstract flowers on the wall are magnetic and can be moved around and I’m definitely liking the new floor standing retro chrome lamp that we bought:






Finally this is the view from out balcony and out of the main windows of the lounge. The large dome you see is BC Place Stadium and the sphere with lights is Science World. One thing you can’t complain about in downtown Vancouver are the views:



Click on the panoramic photo to enlarge it

Let me know what you think of it! More photos in the gallery.

:: Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Let it snow, Let it snow…!


Less than a week after we had visited Whistler Villiage only to be disappointed by the lack of snow and less than perfect skiing conditions, we were surprised by the freak snow storms that we had downtown. This sort of weather isn’t very common in downtown Vancouver. If it ever snows, most of the time it is slushy and never sticks to the ground or usually disappears after a day or so. Lately it’s been snowing so much that we have had nearly 20-30cm on the ground!


The city looks beautiful with all the buildings, streets and trees covered in snow, however our dogs have no idea what to do with it! They’ve never been in proper snow before, so the very first day of walking Candy in the snow she had no idea where to go and wee because there was no grass and she kept bunny hopping through the snow. Jasmin on the other hand just disappeared because she’s so small she would just sink into the snow and you couldn’t see where she was.


It’s nice to experience Christmas in North America because everyone gets into the spirit of things and when you hear carols being sung like “Let it snow” you can actually can relate to it!


I must say though… I do miss the 30 degree summer Christmas’s of Australia where you’d throw a shrimp on the barbie…

:: Go Canucks! Go!

Tonight I got to see my very first National Hockey League (NHL) game live at GM Place. My friend Wei Kiat invited me to go and check out the game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Anaheim Ducks… yes the team made famous from the blockbuster Disney movie… and the not so much popular second and third sequels…



I can’t believe I’ve been in Canada for 2 years and not having seen a single ice hockey game live! The stadium atmosphere and size is amazing and you definitely have plenty of die hard hockey fans attending the games. The game was very fast paced and exciting with the Canucks leading very early 3-1 but in a second and third period come back, the Ducks had scored a quick succession of goals to close the gap. The final game score was 4-3 to the Canucks!



Now this wouldn’t be a hockey game without a punch up and throughout our game there were at least 5 altercations between players. You definitely can tell that some of the players are on the team just for this purpose because with their size they can’t move around on the ice very quickly, but they’re always the first to drop their gloves and hockey sticks when their team mates need a hand…


I can see why this sport is has such a die hard following and is the national sport because its a fast paced, heavy contact sport where the energy is always so high.


This definitely won’t be my last live hockey game… Go Canucks! Go!

Happy Halloween

This was the first year that we have got to spend Halloween in Vancouver. It’s not really celebrated much in Australia so we really didn’t think much about it other than being bombarded with the usual retail propaganda. Our apartment is two blocks away from the major pub and nightclub strip in the downtown area so there was plenty of action going on with almost every venue having Halloween themed parties. Halloween is quite a big deal in North America and everyone gets into the spirit of things and dress up in very elaborate costumes. You’ve got the usual vampires, werewolves, superheroes and witches, whereas others chose to be a bit more witty with their costumes. Some of the flesh wounds that people had created were a little TOO realistic… I saw one guy walking down the street wearing a dinosaur head and he had leather pants with the butt cheeks cut out. He called himself “Mega-sore-ass”…

Last year we went to a party in Seattle and it was definitely a case of dejavu this year… This year we decided to got to a party out in Kitsilano with some of Tash’s friends and it turned out to be quite a good night. It ended up being an open house party complete with DJ, spooky nights, token smoke machine and off course plenty of alcohol. Everyone had a pretty good time and we made friends with some pretty cool people.

This festivity is starting to grow on me… Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for all the pics!