Rodney Arrives In Vancouver

Ski Trip To Whistler

:: The Rodney Roundup


For the past week I’ve had my old primary school friend Rodney visit us from Australia. Rodney and I have the sort of friendship where even after not seeing each other for years on end, when we see each other we’re able to pick up as if it was just yesterday. We had lost touch with each other through high school and it was only just before we left Australia we were able to catch up before my wedding. He promised to come visit us in Canada and followed through…



During his time here it was great to catch up with Rod and reminisce about old times when we were younger and it also gave Tash a chance to get to know him. While he was here we took him around the usual local tourist sights but the highlight would have to be our trip to Whistler. Although the ski season was officially open there wasn’t nearly as much snow there in comparison to the previous year. There wasn’t any snow in the village and only the top half of the mountain was open due to the lack of snow. Rodney had never been in snow before, and he wanted to try snowboarding. Since it was his first time I thought I’d take the opportunity to try it out myself coming from a skiing background. I must say, it is a very different and much, much, much… MUCH more painful learning curve in comparison to skiing! We had a private lesson and before long, and many tumbles and stacks later we were actually able to board down Whislter mountain.



After about 6 hours of pain what better way to unwind our sore muscles than in the hot tubs at the Fairmont Chateau.



We also met up with some of his friends that he had met in Australia who lived in Vancouver and checked out some of the local night life… throughout his whole stay here we drank… and drank…. and did I mention we had a few drinks? I must say… our 10am beer just before our first ever snowboarding session definitely loosened us up and probably softened the blow for us when we hit the ground! Dinner at Coast was amazing… I haven’t had seafood that good in a very long time. The Ahi Tuna sashimi was melt in your mouth and to die for…



It was great catching up with you Rod, and I hope you enjoyed your stay here… I know you’ll miss the doggies trying to climb into your bed while you sleep…

:: Whistler Trail Bike Park

Steve has been staying with us for the last couple of days before he heads back to Perth after a 5 month stint around North America, and we decided to do a quick trip up to Whistler. Unlike most people that visit Canada, Steve was able to experience both Winter and Summer in Canada. So since the ski season was well and truly over we decided to check out Whistler had to offer… What do people do there during summer? MOUNTAIN BIKING!… and what do the more extreme people do? DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKING!

CIMG6646 CIMG6634

CIMG6637 CIMG6636

So the day before Steve was about to board a plane to fly back to Perth, we decided to tempt fate and try our skills at downhill mountain biking. All I have to say is that I have a whole new level of respect for that sport! I could never fathom how people could spent $2000 and more on a bicycle… and after 4 hours on that mountain I realised why… I’ve never been so sore and jittery in my whole life!

CIMG6633 CIMG6657

We were lucky enough to meet up with one of Toan and Steve’s friends that works in Whistler so we got a good deal on the bikes and much needed body armour. Would you believe that our bikes retailed for $2800 in the shops!!! I was amazed at how the mountain side had been transformed from ski slopes into a forest mountain terrain trail bike park. There were heaps of man made jumps, ramps, chicanes and platforms all integrated into the trails that twisted and turned through the forests. Steve was lucky enough to come across a bear cub and I nearly took out an innocent squirrel that decided to play chicken with me while I was hurtling down the trails and bouncing up and down with all the pot holes, rocks and pebbles on the track.

IMG_8591 IMG_8587

It definitely is something you have to experience, but it is indeed not something for the faint hearted (or unco-ordinated)! Even the green runs (which were the simplest) put you into some hairy situations and some of the blue runs (intermediate) definitey involved many leaps of faith. I was so amazed at how the bike was able to cope with all the large rocks pebbles, tree roots, drop offs and jumps. I guess it really is worth the $2000+ that it costs! Steve was definitely the more adventurous one out of us and he has the cuts and skid marks to proove it! No he didn’t crap himself out of fear… in one semi stack that he recovered from after jumping off a table top he managed to grind his butt against the back wheel while in the air. That’s his excuse for the brown skid marks on his pants and he’s sticking it..!

CIMG6660 CIMG6651


Whistler has never been a destination I’ve wanted to check out during summer time. I’ve always associated it with skiing/snowboarding and winter. There’s definitely plenty of activities you can do while you’re there in Summer like cross country mountain biking, white water rafting, ATV’ing, horse riding and bungee jumping to name a few. The weather was perfect and the view was amazing! We’ll definitely be doing another trip up before the summer ends…

IMG_8601 IMG_8600

CIMG6662 CIMG6663